Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dating your Husband Challenge

This week we had a hard time connecting in the evenings. I didn't really have anywhere to go but I think it was partially him coming home late and then things just not running smoothly. I also had a rough week of headaches etc too. Friday we enjoyed the younger two at their cross country meet It was wonderful to see our daughter finally get to participate, she had an injury early on in the year that had prevented previous qualifications being met. 
I thought we would do something Friday night, we were both just so exhausted. We put a movie in but then decided to just go to sleep. He had to be up early to do a side job and I didn't feel very well.
Saturday night I thought would be perfect to connect I had sleepovers scheduled for both the younger two and I don't mind the oldest staying home alone for a couple hours in the evening. The Truck however had other plans. See post here of our Saturday night journey
We got through with our adventure with our truck and took our oldest with us to a local Italian Restaurant and had pizza- he ordered very plain spaghetti. He had lots of homework to still tackle so it led way to my husband and I finally getting that movie in. I chose To Save a Life
It wasn't a romance movie, it wasn't an action movie but it was perfect. Something we both enjoyed and just gave us some more insight into our children. I saw some things  in the movie for example the fact that parents didn't really spend time with their children. I realized we probably go over and beyond in that area. We love family time in our household.
Anyway, Sunday we spent the morning working a side job, then the afternoon making some yummy foods together. I think that is something that we will always deeply enjoy with one another is cooking. We love to make desserts, crock pot type meals, homemade items like salsas, jams etc. Its nice to be able to be together in the same room, participate in an activity we both enjoy- not something one of us is compromising on and then be able to chat etc while doing it. I am thankful for our weekend, even though it went differently then planned. Sometimes the Lord has a bigger hand in things then we realize.

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