Sunday, October 16, 2011

To Save a Life Movie Review

I am still thinking about a movie my husband and I watched 24 hours later. My younger two had seen it at youth group in a two part session. I wanted to watch it and had been waiting for RedBox to carry it. They never did so I finally purchased a copy for us and my husband and I watched it for our date night last night.
I admit that these type of movies often are not Hollywood Blockbusters but I do enjoy their very meaningful message. To me its so much more important and allows you to very easily look past the smaller budgets they have to work with.
The movie was To Save a Life

If you have not seen this movie yet I encourage you to do so. If you have teens or preteens I encourage you to have them see it WITH YOU. I admit there were a few times where I had wished we had watched it together as a family because I missed the full conversation that usually takes place in our home after a movie like this. It contains such a valuable lesson to everyone about how important relationships are. How important it is to lesson to your inner self. Pay attention to how we personally affect the lives of those around us. How that one thing you say or do really DOES make a DIFFERENCE.

Later this week I want to share a personal story from my life that while it is different from the movie at the same time it is very similar. We also purchased Faith like Potatoes I can't wait to watch it next weekend.

You can get many movies like this on Amazon they make wonderful stocking stuffers to have your own Family movie nights.

Hope you had  a wonderful weekend. 
We are concluding ours with lots and lots of cooking. 
We made two pumpkin desserts, pork loin cut into stew chunks with veggies, 
a huge batch of salsa and some Jalapeno Jam.

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