Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas Gift Quilt

My friend asked me this summer if she could send some fabrics to me so I could make her a quilt for her brother. I always worry about orders like this because its sometimes hard to create a quilt out of fabric that you do not choose yourself.

She was one fabric short on the nine patch, she only had eight, so I added a lighter fabric since she only had one. I think it balanced pretty well. I also chose a gray fabric that is slate like for the binding, since she had forgotten to send that also. I think overall her brother will really like this quilt.

She chose a pretty chocolate brown flannel for the backing. It matched the front very well. The quilt itself measures about 70 by 70. Not a bad size for someone to snuggle under and watch tv. Now all my orders are complete. I have some towels and potholders to make tonight as part of giveaways for different contests people have entered. I hope to share those with you tomorrow.


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