Saturday, October 15, 2011

The act of God not Chance

This afternoon my husband came home from a side job and I was watching a movie with our daughter in our bed. He climbed in and fell asleep. The movie finished up and it was time to take our middle son to a friends for the night and our daughter to a slumber birthday party. I got on the road, took the back ways due to Renaissance Traffic. Arrived at the son's friends house and had to wait on the mom. Set out to drop my daughter off and part way down the road I thought the truck was dying due to no gas. I prayed out loud for God to change the light to green up ahead. I had to run the red light, swerve between two trucks to enter the gas station. I filled the truck and turned it back on to find I had very little steering. Well it was not gas that was the problem, it had been the pulley that held the belt- that runs the alternator etc to the truck. It had completely burned off- see above there is NO PULLEY!

This is what the pulley should look like, see that part- well it did not exist inside the truck anymore. I called my husband told him the power steering was out initially. Two men stopped, the first told me he could fix it to find I had no pulley. As I was calling my husband back to tell him the not so good news well two more men stopped to try and help. I could not believe how friendly people were. My poor daughter just sat waiting to go to this party. She was now an hour late.  My husband finally arrived, we let the gas clerk know we had to go get parts and headed home.
When we arrived we got the tools and let the dog out to potty. He decided he wanted to leave he had jumped through the window into the truck. Jakob ran in to get the camera- which is the reason I had the above photos because I would now have it on me. I had to laugh at this silly dog!
I tried to get him to come out of the truck, he was insisting he too needed to go help with our other truck, he jumped into the back seat. Finally he went inside, very upset he could not go. We were able to get the new part just down the road. We got to our truck, were in the middle of fixing it and a kind man with a hat that read "Went fishing with Jesus" stopped to offer a hand. He also could not believe the condition of this pulley, nor that it was PLASTIC to begin with, nor that the belt was whole, it does have some wear and we would have to get a new one, but it would get us down the road, which is good because we had three to choose from at $40 each. He helped us get the belt around that last pulley, it took both his hands and my husbands. I am thankful to all the men that stopped to help today. The Lord knew it would ease my mind.  The Lord knew several things today. 
He knew Paul needed rest. AMEN
He knew that I needed Paul to stay home, so I could be rescued with our other vehicle- AMEN!
He knew that my daughter needed to see that there are kind men in this world that do stop to offer help AMEN!
He knew that my dad needed to be home so I could call and have a shoulder to lean on
He knew that when we got home we were too stressed over the money that this was now costing, that we did not have, and the dog then became that entertainment and love
He knew he was not done and that he needed to remind us that Jesus was there, with the man that showed up out of no where and disappeared just as quickly. I never did see him leave.
I don't believe in Chance. I believe in Christ. 
I hope this has inspired you on this Saturday, as it has us.
Thank you Lord for all your goodness and grace.

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