Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Appreciation Plaques

There is a Staff Leader Appreciation tonight at the Children's Student Ministry Youth Group Service tonight. There is a list of over 30 adults that assist with activities in the Jr. High and Sr. High groups on Wednesday nights. The students wrote letters etc for them to be included in a basket/bag for each leader to be given by the Youth Pastor. Zekaryah wanted to do plaques for each one. It turned out to be a pretty good undertaking but he was able to make them for 8 of the leaders, one of which is the youth pastor.
He is really loving making things out of wood, metal etc. I can't wait to see how he continue to perfect gifts like these in the future. There was a learning curve on this one, such as centering the names, how much heat to apply to get the "burned" look, maybe having the money to purchase oak wood or some cedar.
I think for the first time around he did an amazing job. Hopefully they can find a use for them, in the garden, on a shop wall, or in their homes. We certainly appreciate all the time they volunteer to be part of the kids lives.

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