Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tackle It Tuesday - Late

Zekaryah got this shirt from a friend. When he was in the school play they put material on the back of it to hold his mic. I couldn't seem to remove it. He was pretty devastated.
I decided right then that it would be a great front for a pillow sham/case. I get requests all the time for them and it is an item I have added to my ETSY shop. Today I took the front and then some flannel for a quilt I made for my husband for our anniversary and made him a travel pillow for track. He loves to sleep on the bus, it helps him with not having seizures while he is away. He just needed something small so its only about 14 inches but he will love it.
I had made one out of my husbands shirt a while ago, just to see how I wanted to make them. My daughter has claimed it. She loves the feel of the shirt and loves the idea that she can have it as a pillow on her bed. I can see why these are so popular.

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