Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kick Back and Play Summer Sweepstakes

Kick Back and Play Summer Sweepstakes is LIVE!
I don't know about your family but we do a LOT of laundry in our house. A new Washer and Dryer and a possibility of having a year's worth of Purex in our home would really help us out. I feel like I am never quite through with all the wash that we do every week. The washer and Dryer is from LG- it is a front loading machine and values at $2800. The Laundry soap by Purex values at $126.
This week part of our field trip was the park. We stopped by there after eating lunch. I think about the kids as they have grown up and how much time we spent at the park when they were younger. They loved being able to play for hours. It hasn't changed much now that they are teenagers either.
Little Tikes

Endless Adventures® Playcenter Playground is a wonderful playground that someone could win. It is worth nearly $1300.

A backyard swing set with the features of large playground equipment! The Endless Adventures® Playcenter Playground features swings, a large kids sliding board, sandbox, cargo net and more. This stylish swing set looks good in any backyard and kids will love the endless number of things to do.
I think of all the days I spend on the playground during my lifeskills subbing for work. The children love the playground. It would be a wonderful gift to a school or local family that needed a fun spot for their children.
You can go enter yourself today at their website Little Tikes
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  1. During the summer I try at least twice a week. It depends on the weather.

  2. Entered! Hope I win! We REALLY need a new washer and dryer.

  3. would love to win this for my grandson and his new sister to be..i take my little ones to the park at least twice a week, more if its not too hot for them to go outside

  4. went and entered via their website..thanks for posting this..good luck all

  5. I try to get them out at least once a day.

  6. My boys and I go to the park as often as we can!

  7. I entered the Sweeps!

  8. we got 2 to 3 times a week weather permitting


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