Monday, April 1, 2013

Recent Quilt I have finished in 2013


I love the heart, button flannel

This quilt was made for a friends daughter. It has a pretty light blue floral print border and hot pink binding

A 70 by 70 quilt made for a husbands 30th birthday. It has a pretty charcoal gray flannel backing
A oversized lap quilt made with baby clothes from a childs first year
A twin size quilt with blue fabrics and a pretty blue paisley butterfly flannel on the back. Its a gift for a principal that is retiring.
Twin size Spring Summer quilt. Customer sent me the fabrics and I created a really nice lightweight quilt.
This quilt is 70 by 70 it was made for a Pastor here in Texas. I was honored to make this quilt.
This is a graduation quilt I just finished for a current senior in High School. I did a little extra on this one because I wanted to give her a nicer quilt so it became a twin size quilt instead of another 70 by 70 16 T quilt. It holds 20 Tshirts and 6 appliques.
This quilt was very challenging. It was several early years of clothing of a little girl in addition to a crib sheet. I am thankful it turned out well and the little girl loved it. It is twin size.

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