Monday, April 1, 2013

Depot Day Carnival Games

The city I live in has a Depot Day every year. This is the 20th annual event and I am chairing it. I came up with the idea of old fashioned carnival games that the kids could play. These are some my husband and I created. I had a couple friends help with the painting. This one was done by my son's friend from High School.

She also drew and painted this one. Very cute. It will work for a bean bag toss or a photo op for younger children.

A few of the local schools are going to sponsor a game. That is exciting. I love community involvement.

This is one of my favorites. I hope to make some yellow and red bean bags for the game and have some painted cans to knock down

This one we will probably cut a hole in the blue portion and then use waffle balls to throw through

You should see how big this truly is. It will work great with some Bean Bags.

This is for a dum dum pull. We need to drill the holes still.

This one is for a Ring Toss, it will have a stand and then be in a bucket of sand.

This is a Ring Toss game. It will be lots of fun also.

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