Monday, October 24, 2011

Dating Your Husband Challenge

This week once again it seemed like we had very little time for each other. My husband worked several nights of side jobs after work, so that leaves him getting home very late. It is a blessing to have these extra jobs though.
Friday night we planned to at least watch a movie together. The younger two had a cross country meet, then had to be to the High School to sing the national anthem with their choir for the football game. We decided to wait outside the gates for my son, only to find that he was wanting to stay and watch the game with his friends mom and other children.
At this point we were able to go to a little Italian Restaurant in town and then share a meal, we came home and watched Faith Like Potatoes It was a really good movie. We did find we were very tired all Saturday from staying up until 12:30 to finish our movie but it was worth it.
I am looking forward to this Saturday. My younger two have plans to stay somewhere over night so I hope we figure out something to do- like maybe so see Courageous and get an appetizer somewhere.

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