Sunday, October 23, 2011

Faith Like Potatoes Movie Review

I am loving these Christ Based movies such as Fireproof, To Save a Life and one we recently watched called Faith Like Potatoes
Here is some background on this movie if you have never heard of it. 
Faith Like Potatoes was released in North America on 7 April 2009 and was the 2nd best selling new release DVD in the Christian market for 2009.
I admire that this is a movie based on a true story. I also admire that it is a story about farmers, people who are struggling to survive. To be a farmer in life is to be a person with faith. To know what to plant and when, to know that if you don't get enough rain or you get too much you may loose your entire crop. I admit I am not sure I could handle the life of a farmer. We have a small garden in the summers here and it takes a lot of faith to plant knowing that we have not had adequate rain in a couple of years. 
What was wonderful about this story is that it describes so many families in America and around the world. Marriage takes work, anger is real, Christ in our lives makes a HUGE difference. I encourage you to watch the movie. It is hard to understand the first few minutes, the accents and storyline is confusing at first. Stick with it though you will end the movie filled with Hope. 


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