Monday, October 24, 2011

District Cross Country Meet

District Meet Cross Country Oct 2011 Mekenzei preparing for her 7th grade run
She is doing great. I could not believe that she shaved 3 minutes off her time from the last run. I wish she had not injured her foot this season. I am betting she would have won several races this season.

She came in 13th with a time of 14 min and ? Seconds. If you look closely you can see Zekaryah in the field across the way cheering her on. For siblings that fight a great deal I love moments like this one, just shows the deep seeded love amongst all those disagreements!

For a child that does not care to run long distance he sure has really done well this season. He ran every single race and really shaved off minutes of time. I am excited to hear that he might participate again next year.
You see here in this photo there are Three Magnolia boys right in line. I love this next photo. Paul yells for him and he puts on the speed. He came in 14th place but with a time of 13 min and ? seconds. I had wondered if the younger two would tie again this week. Seems like they were pretty close. One having a great place but the other having beat the speed.

See here how he is stepping up, he ran past this child beating him by ten seconds. Great day for the last race of the season. I am very proud of both kids for participating and having a great time.


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