Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holy Spirit and Blessings

I always feel so blessed when someone is pleased with my work. Today I found my heart incredibly touched as my last customer on the boy/girl Tshirt Quilts sent out a personal email to a few that she knows sharing my "talent" with her. I got into quilting for others in order to be a Blessing in other peoples lives. True it does provide some income but not as much as one might think, it is more for the pleasure that it gives me to meet someone else's needs. To be able to use a Talent that the Lord has provided to me.
I have been studying the Holy Spirit this week. It is amazing how easy it is to miss that HE is part of us. That it is a relationship. Its so easy to think of the Lord- the Father- someone who comforts us, someone who answers our prayers...Its easy to think of the Son- the one whom with we would not be saved as HE gave up His LIFE for us.. so that we may come to the Father clean. Often I think we forget about his ever present Spirit within us. The one that helps us feel close to the Lord. The one that works through us.
It makes me think of the song This Little Light of Mine.. then i think of my business. I was brought to tears and humbled by this woman, whom I have not met. Her order was placed on my Mother's Birthday, a day I struggled with as her death had been so close and my heart still so raw. The Lord worked in Mysterious ways that day and the order comforted my heart as the Spirit worked through me to complete it.
I was able to give her something that she can now hold onto, to cherish, to provide memories of places, events, times whatever it may be. Things that I have no knowledge of yet things that mean so much to her and her children, her family.
So on this day I give thanks, as I continue to seek His face, to feel his Spirit within me, to do His Will and follow His Path.. may everything I do be of Glory and Honor..

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