Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I really need to be tackling something. This morning I tackled a really bad headache. They seem to be coming on more and more lately. Not sure what I am doing that is causing them. I do know my stress level is some how through the roof.
I really have dug hard into my Experiencing Spiritual Intimacy Study Guide this week.  Today I came across a quote that says the following,

"The most wonderful truth behind dealing with distractions is that we don't need to organize and plan with our natural ability alone. The Holy Spirit, who gives us everything we need, can lengthen or shorten time depending on what He wants us to accomplish. If we yield ourselves to Him, He will order our steps according to His Purposes." Thelma Wells

I can see how at different times in my life this would mean different things. I can also see how it can be applied to various points in my life. Lately mine has been our home. I have found myself very discouraged lately. The house is in a remodel zone. There are too many OPEN projects. For instance our pantry we started two years ago- well its still not finished. Every time we get to starting on it again something else comes up, or maybe we will get a little bit more done, but it is still NOT finished.  We started on Mekenzeis room this summer, all of her stuff got moved out to the den, which was okay at first but kids being kids go through containers and now its out of control. That spills over into other rooms. Meanwhile we are dealing with Mice and Moth problems. It is very frustrating. I thought now that school was back in session and we are home more on the weekends it would help, however, Paul is working more between his actual job and picking up odd things so he has little time. 
I find that in the mornings I am extremely tired, just so wiped out. Also still so sick to my stomach and dealing with these crazy headaches constantly. So I find myself very disappointed in how things are lately. I know I am not where I want to be spiritually and that is driving me crazy.
That I decided was something I could do something about. I wanted to start attending a bible study, the cost was $27 and then I had to figure gas once a week, so I opted to just buy three different books. One I like already because I use the Women of Faith Study Guides a lot, then I got Chris and Kerry Shook's new book Love at Last sight. Then the church is starting a new series, so I ordered that as well. Its called Sun Stand Still..We will miss the first sermon series since the kids have a choir performance Saturday night.  
So anyway back to the verse or quote I came across today.. it really spoke to me that I need to stop planning everything so much and try a short list, and Let the HOLY SPIRIT work through me. I should know that by now. I keep getting overwhelmed because I keep looking at EVERYTHING! 
Today I am taking the first step and taking our bedroom back. Not quite sure why everything gets so crazy in there, except that we have no living room. Probably because we don't even own a couch! So everyone piles in our room for Tv etc..Then my husband decided to clean out his side of the closet which looks great except for the containers of stuff he does not know what he will do with..that are on my bedroom floor.. This week I will work at taking it one step at a time. Maybe just maybe if I get a little cleaning done my stress will decrease because the guilt will decrease and my headaches will take a back burner.. 

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