Friday, September 2, 2016

Summer 2016 Adventures

Sometimes life spirals out of control. My summer felt very much this way. I am so thankful to have the Lord in our lives because I would have never made it through this ordeal without HIM constantly there. I saw this summer going much differently. The kids had camp and a mission trip to Ecuador planned, they had a computer class to take, I wanted to do some college visits, some family vacations and Paul had his men's break planned which he takes every summer around his Birthday. Its seemed the Lord had something in store for us that we just had to take day by day to understand.
Paul was in an accident at the Ranch he went to. Without going into much detail wise he ended up with 75 stitches to reattach his ear, eye trauma, body trauma, and a back that was partially broke and fractured. He would spend time in the ER twice and then at a wound care specialist once home before finally getting on the mend.
We turned our living room into a bedroom, borrowed a hospital bed, the guys at church came out and put in a ramp for him since walking was difficult. We attached a rope to the hospital bed at some point to help him ease out of bed when he was able to get up. We went to MANY doctors appointments. Gradually things were cleared, his eyes were not damaged, the blood eventually went away as did the bruising. The ear was healing well and no internal damage that we know of has been detected. His legs on the other hand continued to deal with infection. It was tough because he was forced to stay down for over a month. Just going to dinner out for an hour had set backs.
The ER visits proved crazy as they really weren't helpful. The wound care specialist ended up being the secret with a new antibiotic for a longer period of time and stockings to help with the pressure and distribution of blood in his legs. 
It was a long summer. I was home bound with him for most of it as he needed quite a bit of assistance. It seemed like life was put on hold. Thankfully all the kids plans still came to be and their lives weren't interrupted too much, minus the lack of a family vacation or the college visits. The computer class is now rushed during this semester of school. Hopefully we get it done in time without having to file for an extension.
I think all the time we spent together was rewarding. Its during times like this that you reevaluate your decisions in life, your relationships, your priorities. I am thankful to say that he is on limited duty back at work, he no longer has the brace and despite some back issues is doing fairly well. I know the Lord has a great plan for Him. I am thankful for more time on earth with him too.

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