Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Eats

This summer we had such a successful garden, minus our squash. I am not sure what really happened with those. They just seemed to always start in the middle of so much rain we were having. Now peppers we did really well with.
We had so many pounds we were giving them away, then we got smart and found time to can some of it. We made jalapeno peppers that were candied, pickled and even dehydrated some too. 
We made a version of our own with some banana and jalapenos because it will be great with meat and beans. The jalapenos were very hot this year, while the banana peppers were mild. It will be a perfect combination. 
This is my favorite recipe  for candied jalapenos. We pour it over cream cheese and eat with fritos or wheat thins. I love to add it to my cornbread too. 

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