Friday, September 2, 2016

Carnival Cruise Quilts

If you read my post regarding our summer I want to talk to you about one of the many blessings the Lord provided us. We have some friends from the historical society of our town. They heard of the news and let another member know. Between everyone working quickly we had that hospital bed we needed. Also when I got home I had a quilt order. For me quilting is essential. It keeps my bipolar depression in check. With my living room now a bedroom my bedroom became my quilting area. I needed some normalcy and this order helped with that. I am so thankful for the Lords provision. They even brought me Orange Juice which I desperately needed.
What was nice about this particular order is the hope within the shirts, these are travel shirts. I have never been out of the US so it was fun to see all the different shirts and think about one day when he would be well enough again to get out there and go on a vacation.
The summer was taxing, it was hard to stay on top of all the bills. I had to keep faith that God would continue to provide orders. This second order came just in time for me to take my oldest back to college. The profit helped with gas there and back.
I am so thankful for each order this summer. Every single one truly made a difference in whether bills were paid, food was on the table or if kids had enough money for Ecuador, camp etc. 

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