Friday, September 2, 2016

Graduation Quilt for College

Another very understanding customer this summer. She needed a quilt by August 1st and sent me the shirts right away. I had so many issues. I went through two sewing machines~
My first machine I had for 3 years, I truly loved it, it died out. Then I had to order another machine. I ordered the same one, I had it a couple weeks and it had issues. I had to mail it back. Then I ordered a replacement machine, same one, it went on backorder then it was canceled it was such a pain. So I had to do hours of research when it seemed like they were all pulled from the market. I had to decide on a new machine. I was pretty upset. It arrived a week later and its been pretty good so far. I am thankful I could complete the quilt in time and her child loved it!
I love the burgundy maroon binding on it. I don't always recommend that though, you never know if it might bleed with those white shirts.  You can find more like this one in my ETSY shop.

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