Friday, September 2, 2016

Mothers Memory Quilt and Matching Shams

Memory Quilts are so meaningful. Loss is difficult. It takes time to let go, move on with life without the person you love. This daughter had some of her mother's clothing items so we took those and made this precious quilt. 
This particular block was a sweatshirt with a zipper. I took the zipper out and stitched up the piece of fabric in order to keep all the cardinals intact. You could hardly tell.
We needed an extra block when she thought she only had 15 pieces of clothing, so I had this embroidery block made for her quilt. Its perfect. 
When she gathered all the clothing, she had two extra items so I combined them into blocks so that all pieces were represented in the quilt.
I also made three shams to match the quilt, two for her own daughters for free. She was another customer that was so supportive during this summer. She would write and check in on my husband, pray for us. Its awesome when customers become friends. She left wonderful feedback on my ETSY shop despite the delay in receiving her quilt.

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