Friday, September 2, 2016

Summer Meals

Having 6 people in our household was trying at times with meals. It was tough because my husband needed me constantly and so taking time to make meals really was a lot of effort. I felt I was constantly washing sheets that were changed every couple hours, clothing etc. I decided at some point that kids would have to help. my oldest did great with some instruction at making this pineapple upside down cake. 
One thing I learned was my best friend is the crockpot and beans. I could make this and my husband and I could eat it all week then my kiddos could make frozen foods for themselves. That helped a ton.
Once Paul started to feel better he helped some. He made us some yummy chicken tenders and the boys helped with the side veggies. It was about all he could do to make the chicken, then he was down the rest of the evening.
At some point we made a turkey. I figured that would feed us a week. So taquitos were something Paul was able to make if I did all the prep work and he did the frying. I learned really quick he wanted to feel useful.
Breakfasts at times were creative as well. Like turning french bread into french toast because we were out of sliced bread.
My oldest did great with that turkey. He was able to help with some sides to make it last for lunches and dinners.
He got really good at making perfect mashed potatoes.
I always knew when he made dinner, it was almost always CENTERED around mashed potatoes. 
I was super thankful for this meal when my husband was feeling so much better. We saw a brisket at Walmart for $13, that fed us a week and boy was it yummy to have smoked. That is perfect for him because he can go sit a while, then just go check on it. No standing there for thirty minutes. 

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