Thursday, April 14, 2016

Womens' Varsity Choir UIL Competition Junior Year

I was so incredibly sad to miss this competition. It was at the exact time of our son's District Track Meet. If we knew how every race would finish then maybe one of us could have gone and been with her and then the other been with our son.
That being said they did amazing.
It is awesome that they won Sweepstakes  for both the stage and sight reading.
They work incredibly hard. Often missing lunch or advisory where they could be working on school work in order to practice their pieces for competition. 
I am truly thatnkful for photographs. While it is not the same as being there, it is wonderful to have a glimpse of their day.
This is my favorite one, that is my daughter bowing (humbly) in the front row. She cracks me up, such personality. She was so excited. We got home from the track meet that evening and she still had tons of homework to catch up on. Of course it took over 30 minutes to reel her in for focusing on the task at hand.
Choir Rocks~

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