Sunday, April 17, 2016

Martha Home Mary Way Day 2

We have really struggled with the cabinets in our kitchen. Sometimes I think people don't think about how they will use their space when they install them. One day I hope to take them all out and start over. They are super deep but not functional. This is one of the upper cabinets before we reorganized it. Stuff just gets thrown into the top shelving, it frustrates me.
I liked this challenge because we could look at going through stuff and parting ways. Maybe containers without lids, lids without containers, old spices etc. 
I didn't get this posted on day two. We have had a crazy busy week with choir 2 days, UIL, then MOPS, catching up on homework for a daughter who missed 2 full days of AP courses. I can feel the lack of sleep. I am grateful to my husband who assisted with some of the kitchen this week. He went through the top shelf, matched up all bottles and put them together and parted ways with some. 
He also found me a spot for the mixing cups my oldest purchased me for Christmas. This is nice that they now have a true home in the kitchen.
Last he went through the spice cabinet for me. We are working at growing herbs and getting away from store bought spices where necessary. I am trying to learn to cook as much as I can  from scratch and have a better food situation for all of us. I can see a difference in the health of my younger two who struggle with so much medically.
So I will work on posting the kitchen cleaning jobs through this week.
I had just enough time this morning for Day 2, we are headed out to see my oldest inducted into Alpha Chi tomorrow night.

If you want to catch up on the challenges if you didn't print your page from Sarah Mae's Blog then here you go.

Day 1: Put a Load of laundry in the wash. Kitchen: Do the dishes, scrub pans, clean out sink. Gather papers from counters and set aside. Wipe counters.

Day 2 Kitchen: clean out and wash down interior and exterior of the fridge, Clean out interior and exterior of microwave.

Day 3: Kitchen Wipe down cabinets, Scrub the Kitchen Floor

Day 4: Kitchen: Clean out your Pantry.  Pull everything out, throw away what is old, wipe pantry down, organize and put food back.

Day 5: Bathrooms: Clear Counters and Remove trash can, clean toilet, sink, mirror. Wash out tub, sweep and scrub floor.

Day 6: Bathroom Closet/ Cupboards: Pull everything out and sort into trash, keep and donate. Take donate box immediately to your car. Put Keep items back.


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