Thursday, April 14, 2016

District Track Meet High School Day 2

Now this is the boy I know. Less stress, just back in the zone and joking with a team mate
I can still see that he is nervous but he doesn't seem like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. His fellow team mate made it to the 400 m race, which ran again to place for the top 3 from 8. While he didn't make it, it was an honor to watch him run. Gotta be tough to now a couple hours later compete again and we prayed he would have enough endurance to help his fellow team. 
What is different about this race is one of the guys had never run with them before. I know that made them a little nervous. The hand off in this is truly important.
I love how the coach chats with them. They have this, they can do it~
He will run the third leg
Waiting for his team mate to run in, this has to be the longest nearly 2 minutes.. He did amazing. He ran his leg in 51 seconds. His best time for a 400 m. I was filming the race and wanted to get lap four of his team mate. I saw him exit the field a little wobbly. By the time his team mate made it around he was going down. I am thankful that the security at the gate let me go in to be there when he woke back up. I am so grateful for amazing coaches that understand this doesn't happen every time. There is no risk to him physically and that we have no answers as to why it occurs. All doctors have cleared him to run and since he has been back on the track we have seen less episodes. Sometimes I feel like if he got enough mileage in every day that we wouldn't see any episodes. Its almost like his body reboots. I pray over the summer we can continue to eat more and more non processed items. Come up with breakfast and lunch that is completely home made and help him build more muscle and become even stronger. He amazes me. I just can't even know what he truly goes through. I do have trouble with seizure like activity but I can't say that I would want to run and compete knowing that is a risk at the end of each race. I am thankful for his faith in the Lord and that he seeks him for guidance.
Winning Track UIL after being off for two summers and a full school year, felt great! He got his celebratory chocolate shake from Whataburger after his meet. Sure was hard getting up for school Friday morning. What a truly busy week.

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