Thursday, April 14, 2016

Top 10 Percent Breakfast

I am so thankful that the top 10% Breakfast fell in the morning on the Track day so that I could do both. I missed a Choir Field trip with my girly this week because her brother had a meet at the same time. Its tough to decide where to be at times.
She works so incredibly hard. Much harder than I ever remember my oldest working. To him school came naturally. He worked hard but he didn't have to really take notes, he was a natural test taker and he didn't do much in the lines of church leadership.

She writes hours of notes between three classes every day, even on weekends. She truly studies for every test. She puts 150% into projects, she is just amazing.

I am thankful for her dedication to the Lord, rarely ever missing church. She is a student leader there as well as in the band and helping with the children's ministry on Sundays.
She holds a few positions at school, takes 6 Pre-AP/AP courses and Choir where she is involved in two different choirs.
She is one busy kiddo!
To have all A's one B in a set of 3 Nine Weeks is wonderful.
I can't wait to see where Graduation Day takes her. What college the Lord puts in her path and how bright her future will be.

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