Wednesday, April 13, 2016

District Track Meet High School Day One

District Track Meet. I could see as he walked around how nervous he was. This is what it leads up to from all season long. Two final races. A 400 today and a 1600 Meter Relay the next day. Having this the day after Choir UIL and not feeling like that went well was pretty tough.
He did this a few times before the race. He just kept praying. He couldn't seem to find his peace.
He led prayer for his fellow teammates. I am so thankful to see this, I love how they support one another.
He ran the 400 m race, there were three heats, he did not get to run with his team mate in his. He scored 53 seconds but it just wasn't good enough. He would not go on to race again the next day for the top 3 spot out of 8. I know he was disappointed.
Concellation was a stop at Ross for new shoes, because he needed some and it would cheer him up. Then a stop at Five Guys and Fries. He was craving them. Told me his body was depleted in potassium. The guy was so awesome. He filled the bag and talked to him about track. 

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