Friday, April 8, 2016

Caldwell Track Meet Junior Year

This weeks meet Zekaryah ran the 400 and the mile. He has not run the mile since Freshman year track so he was a little nervous
I love that these young men take time to pray before they run
We always know when he has his mind in the "game/run" He starts yawning. Its funny, but this time I caught in a photo.
He was super frustrated over the starting blocks, its the first year he has used them and they are an issue. He had two of the same foot blocks, he had to run back and grab the right one, then set them up, took off on his practice steps and they slid. It was not a good thing for the start of this race. They need time to practice with them during the week.
He was doing great, but lost speed around the corner, he ended up taking 6th place.
It was amazing to see his team mate pass him up. The hard thing with these meets is that they leave part way through the day and some meets they do not stop for food. Its hard to judge how much food to send, what to send prior to running etc. It makes it hard for him to keep his body balanced. Its been a work in progress since the season is so short. I am curious to see how Senior year will be since we are learning more about his endocrine system and just how to help him have better days with physical activity.
One of the best things was the weather, every other meet had been cold, it was so nice and warm and the sun was amazing for a nice Spring Day/Evening.
Eventually I hope to get a better camera. Trying to get these night shots is difficult.
He started so strong, was way out front, then in the middle, then back towards the front again, pacing is the key but to have been off the mile for nearly 2 years it was tough. He did well coming in 4th place.
The coach was giving him a hard time about needing a wheelbarrow for all his stuff. It was so cold last week that he brought a comforter. It was kind of funny. Seems I need to make a small TShirt quilt maybe.

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