Sunday, April 10, 2016

Martha Home the Mary Way Prep Day

So life is super busy. I am eager to start the 31 Days to a Clean Home Challenge. This week focuses Mon-Thur on the Kitchen. I have my work cut out for me. 
Outside of cleaning just every day things, I need to find a way to organize better. 
Cabinets in my home are limited and they were not done very well either. It has been a struggle the entire time we have lived here. I have decided we also need to down size on some stuff, put some lights in, build our own drawer organizers instead of using premade ones etc. 
This silverware organizer I have had since we lived in a rental for a while, that was 10 years ago.. time to part ways for sure.
Asking kids to help with dishes is great, except that I end up with cabinets like this one
Somehow like most homes we end up with a million bottles. I need a better organizing solution for these too.
One thing I was reading in a book was about throwing out old spices. These two cabinets will likely look bare once we go through them. I think it has been a really long time.
This is probably the best organized cabinet, it is just for canning supplies, however its behind the dishwasher when the door to it is open so I think it prevents people from even using it, thus it stays pretty clean.
Always my nightmare, but I saw a cool solution on pinterest that we are going to try.
This I truly need a solution for.
Fridge and freezer~ they are the one thing I never look forward to, with six people living in our house come Mid May we will need to have a good solution to a better organized space.
Also time to make sure we throw out anything that isn't good. So ...
if you are wanting to participate Monday's Challenge is to
Put a load of laundry in your washing machine.
Do the Dishes, scrub pans, clean out your sink
Gather papers from the counters (and if you have a table in your kitchen space there too)
Set them aside.
Then clean your counters.
Let me know how you do this week.
I would love to hear from you.

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