Sunday, April 10, 2016

Learning Curve with Gardening

A friend of mine gave me some mint when I bought some eggs from her. We wanted some extra fertilized eggs when we ran our first batch of baby chicks. I learned I could root it and create more plants. I am so excited to figure out this process.
I have some basil, thyme and oregano inside. I have cilantro and rosemary outside. I am hoping to see if I can do the same. So far the basil is working great and I have started some new ones. I am learning about freezing and drying them too to start processing my own herbs instead of buying them.
The basil did amazing, look at these roots. Now I need pots and soil. That is on my to do list this week.
This is the first real radish harvest this weekend. I truly love radishes. I learned they are really good for you too. The rabbits love their green tops. I went ahead and picked some of the smaller ones and planted some new seeds. They will grow here pretty much through late summer, sometimes straight into the fall. 


  1. We grow our own herbs and we love it. My husband use to be a chef and does all of the cooking so we go through a lot. We found that we save so much money on herbs when we grow our own.

    1. That is awesome. I am trying to learn how to cook with them, use them in oils etc. My younger two have some medical issues that really could use the benefits from things such as herbs. Its a lot to research and learn but I am hoping that my efforts will help all of us. Basil is new to me, but my daughter loves it on pizza.


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