Monday, April 11, 2016

Martha Home Mary Way Day 1

Day One of Martha Home the Mary Way~ 31 Days to a Clean Home
Challenge is to Put a load of laundry in the wash.
Kitchen: Do the dishes, scrub pans, clean out sink.
Gather Papers from counters and set aside
Wipe Counters
I am following the challenge but also doing some deep clean and organizing as I go. We have six people living in a space meant for four come May. That means we have work at fitting a lot in a small space.
Today I  put the laundry in the washer, and ran two loads.
Then I tackled the kitchen- dishes, counters, walls behind sink, the sink.
I also wiped down appliances.
This seemed like a small task, this is before.
This is after. We have a container full of lids and a couple extra containers that I hope to go through once my husband brings home all his work containers and then the dishwasher finishes running. I am thinking I will be able to part way with 90% on that bottom shelf. That will be nice.
I also tackled the fridge and freezer. We parted ways with expired food, cleaned all the shelves and drawers and organized the food contents. 
We also wiped down the outside, put up all the recipes into a binder.
I still need to wipe the top, pull the fridge out and clean the wall and underneath but that is a bigger job for the weekend.
Day two task:
Kitchen: Clean out and wash down interior of fridge. Clean out interior and exterior of microwave.
I will be working on the upper cabinets, microwave and stove top.
I am loving the #MarthaHomeMaryWay Challenge
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