Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Moments January

I am so thankful for today's sermon at church. I have been working hard at simplifying life and relying on the Lord more. It is hard to not feel discouraged at times. I have felt very alone and depressed lately. I have been finding myself spending more time in my devotion just pouring over what I am reading and my prayers. I think mainly I felt disconnected from my husband. We both work so incredibly hard to provide for the kids that it leaves little time for ourselves. Today I was talking about just that as we thought we were going to have to cancel plans to get away for our anniversary. The timing and money just weren't working out. We came home and he wanted to till in the garden. I found myself sink to an all new level of depression. I just wanted to spend time with him. I knew he needed to till. He had worked a side job yesterday morning and then we had things to do and he helped me clean, we had gone and picked up quilting fabric and something from Walmart. Then this morning we went to church, then he had the game, then we had to run kids back to church and then there was my current moment. So he suggested I find some comfy clothes and join him outside. That meant not working on my quilt or cleaning inside, but I would be spending time with him, which is what I was complaining about. So he taught me to use the tiller. Boy is it a workout. It was fun though. We got a lot done and then we were able to pick up kids from church/band and have dinner then drive my daughter to her friends. He had a little time so we got one more thing off my list and the rest of that list goes to tomorrow. It all worked out but I have to remember to stop and take a deep breath, realize that there are days were getting it all done is not possible and that if I need time with him I need to ask, he can't read my mind.
We didn't use this part of the garden last year so it had not been tilled yet. We found TONS of rocks and limbs/roots in it. It was a lot of work.

He had a little section in the middle about 5 rows worth that I did. He caught a picture at the end because I was getting exhausted~

Between the two of us we got it all done. He left the row of okra, not sure if it will produce anymore and then the pepper plants that are still blooming from our summer/fall crop. We have mulch, manure and such to add to it, but this is a good first till for our Spring/Summer garden, which I pray is more successful then last year. 

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