Monday, January 4, 2016

Spring Cleaning in the Winter

Children are a gift from the Lord; They are a reward from Him.
Psalm 127:3

So my husband re worked my side of the closet since he has half of that space as well as his. That meant for the last couple weeks this is how we have lived, off tables. I will be honest it has been driving me crazy.
I had moved the supplies from my quilting area to the bedroom at Christmas to provide space for us to set up the table to play games, watch tv etc. We don't have couches so it is quite an interesting way to spend time together.
He had finished up the rods for me, and I noticed already Jakob's clothes on my side. I guess that SPOKE volumes. 
I worked all day going through everything and my side is done. I also worked on the inner area of the closet that was intended by the previous owners as a bathroom. We just turned it into my quilting and other "stuff" storage area.
This is how his side looked when he came home. I was praying he would be inspired, since I was up since 2 just distraught at the crazy insane mess we were living in.
I was really hoping he would actually go through this as well and I could have some of my shelves back. Really all he did was straighten it all.
I did find a problem with so many quilts the last two years. I have mountains of batting that I need to maybe make rag quilts with. Its not enough for Tshirt or Baby quilts so I need a good idea. I doubt I would make much selling boxes of batting scraps.
So for the record he was inspired this is now his side of the closet and he let me store Jakob's Letterman's jacket on his side as long as all his jackets were able to be in the back hall way. I guess its a good compromise.
I even have most of the bedroom finished up. I really need to take time to have him make the wood framing for windows, doors, and the baseboards. When I had to redo all the walls this summer due to mold that all was removed but we have never had time to cut new boards.
Now if I could figure out how to maneuver the room. I will be honest, its bad enough my daughters study area is in our room, his gun cabinet doesn't brighten my day. I am super thankful for all the energy to get so much accomplished. Now I need to work on my quilt order. Its a good thing I only have two.

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