Friday, January 29, 2016

Choir UIL 2016

Both the younger two have been in choir since 4th grade in school. They really seem to enjoy it. This year they are participants in a combined choir. They went to competition Friday and did well. 
Mekenzei sang a class 2 song and received 1st place, however you have to receive 1st place on a Class 1 song to go to state.
Zekaryah sang a Class 1 song and was able to score a 1. He was very excited. However, he was so uptight about the ensemble song and then combined with the Play, starting Track on Monday, having the dance at his girl friends school Saturday, Talent Show at Church Sunday that I think it was a little much. He collapsed after the ensemble performance in front of judges. It took 3 minutes to bring him around. It was a little scary as he could not feel either leg to walk, so we sat a while until his body came back around.
I am so thankful to all the students who were so supportive. They sure do care a great deal for him and MeKenzei. She had a hard time seeing him like that. He luckily came home, slept well and late and then had no problems at the dance- which also was his 18th birthday. I am excited to see all these kiddos go to State in May.

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