Saturday, January 30, 2016

Zekaryah Austin Lei Wells Turning 18

I am just in awe of this child most of the time. He has been a rollercoaster from conception. He is full of energy and life. He loves greater than anyone I have ever known. He feels deeply and expresses that.
He brings so much joy and laughter to our days. He has amazing work ethic and serves others unconditionally. He has a love for Christ that impresses me for being so young. I am always amazed at how much time he pours into various ministries at church.
His love for this sweet  young lady is pretty awesome to watch as well. He had the best time for his birthday. Her Sadie Hawkins dance for school fell on the same day. He got to go bowling, went out to eat with her and her friends and then went to the school dance. 
She's pretty smart, she asked him to the dance with a sweet cheesy note and some cheesecake hearts. He loves cheesecake- he didn't even share a bite. They are great for each other. She is serious and kind and caring and he is unexpected, spontaneous and a little crazy at times. They balance each other well. 
Her dance was Hollywood so he went as Captain America- she even bought him an iconic shirt for the part and she went as Agent Carter. I am so thankful his weekend was wonderful.
I could not ask for a better son. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I have loved watching him grow in Christ and just become his own person. He really loves welding this year, he is doing amazing in the class. He won first place in his solo for Choir and advances to state for competition. He starts track season this week and we pray he does well. He serves in the Children's Ministry with their music learning sign language to perform the songs for the youth, serves in the Sunday School classroom, the youth band on Wednesdays and Student Leadership. I would love to Bottle his energy at times. He has also been working hard to save money for camp this summer for church and his Ecuador  Mission Trip this summer. I pray 18 is full of blessings and the Lord's favor. I pray for health and strength and that He direct His path as he finished out his Junior Year at High School. We love you. Happy Birthday~

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