Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wrapping up December 2015

With the Holiday season we were able to get some projects in. Our daughters room is always freezing cold in the winter. Not having a fire place or indoor heating makes life a little crazy. We are trying to seal the plexi glass on her windows better with strips of wood. Hoping if we press it closed better it will insulate more and keep the drafty cold wind out.
Another solution was window treatments. I took my Christmas money and purchased her some curtains. She needed five panels. I was able to get them for $8 each and that was quite a bit cheaper than purchasing fabric and making them. I had hoped some scraps I had from some quilts would be sufficient but I was 2 yards and they didn't have any in stock to purchase more. 
While we were working on her windows we saw this beautiful wood pecker
It was hard to get a good picture through the strips of glass that are the windows and the layer of plexi.  He sure was super pretty.
Hatchet found that he loves the horses ball. It was pretty funny. He loves to play chase with this and the horse loves to chase him too!

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