Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Stockings are my favorite gift. I love them
This is actually out of our WINTER garden, its just amazing. We had even more tomatoes that we already made salsa from.
Meal times, I love having a full house and meals at our table.
I love that teenagers get excited about their stockings, even if this year they are more about necessities
We even gave our house guest her stocking full of goodies, we borrowed it from her to fill it up since she was with us this year
Smiling faces~ always a great thing
Sometimes the practical gifts get these faces..
Paul really needed a new wallet and socks so those were in his stocking
This is my favorite captured moment. Hatchet got a new toy in our daughters stocking and Paul was playing with her, lets just say our computer chairs and dog toys are not companions, over he went~
Jakob needed money for school so he got a Tshirt and two pair of jeans as well as some new shoes
Zekaryah really loves to dress up so some ties, slacks, dress shoes and a vest was on his list
Mekenzei bought Izzy a poster and this sweater for the dog, who seems to be Izzy's friend so much these days.
Mekenzei loves her new sweatshirt and hat
I love my new salt and pepper shakers/containers and Jakob bought me a three piece measuring cup set made from glass with his own money. A much needed gift. I didn't have one.
More meal times
The best part of break is lots of game nights. Since we don't have a couch chairs around my quilting table work great

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