Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Winter Cleaning

Christmas Break for us is trying to re-situate our house. Moving some furniture and re purposing some rooms. One of which is creating a space in our bedroom for our daughter to study right after school. The morning sun warms the room and so it stays warm pretty much all day. That really helps when you are trying to focus for long hours. It is also quiet and she can be in here without interruption.
I also wanted the space to work for my morning devotions. 
Another area was getting all of the storage put away that was in the den and making it work for an exercise space. We had done this in the past. Eventually we hope to build a space outside for exercise equipment and then use this as a family zone, since our living room is where I quilt.
I hope to turn the stairs into a full book case area, otherwise the room turned out pretty good.
Our daughter had already put the space to use. Taking all AP courses means you study during break, you don't get much time to enjoy being a kid.

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