Sunday, February 2, 2014

SuperBowl and Missing Daddy

Today was kind of strange. You wouldn't have known it was SuperBowl day in our house. It was pretty quiet, it was full of movies and good food. There wasn't a game on at all, no yelling at the TV, we had a pretty important guy missing from our picture this SuperBowl day. We still made the best of it though. We had some yummy food for sure!
Every birthday I try to dedicate the entire week to the child or adult for menu items. It used to be three meals a day but we have gotten pretty busy as they hit teenage years so its mainly dinners. We had to extend Zekaryah's into next week because with the cold weather the younger two stayed at friends houses a couple of nights to weather out the storm there were they could be much warmer- in houses with central heating. I made the best enchiladas for myself. They were three chicken tenders, a can of green chilis, a bag of spinach and a half package of mushrooms. I cooked that all down in a skillet and added about 1 1/2 tbsp of cheese to my rolled corn tortilla. Then I topped it with green enchilada sauce and some colby jack shredded cheese. Its nice at times that the kids don't like food items like this one, it means I have a few days of meals for lunch. I will be looking forward to that.

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