Sunday, February 2, 2014

Choir UIL Night

Sometimes I can get some great photos, we didn't have alot of time before Choir UIL the other night because I had to stop and get MeKenzei's retainer first and make it all the way back before the bus loaded up. Our grass was soaked so we were trying to be very careful where we stepped to not get dirty. Zekaryah had tried to pick up Kenzei and be a gentlemen but we figured out pretty quick that photo would not work in the dress she was in.
Since I was tagging along on this trip I wanted to get a quick photo with them too, however I knew we would be sitting at the benches in the cafeteria so I was going to be comfortable and not dress up :-)
This is my favorite photo of the night. Sometimes they really do show they love each other.
The school had these beautiful green stairs. MeKenzei loved them so she snuck over for me to get a couple of quick shots before anyone saw that we were on them.
Of course she was funny. She wanted to try again for a better picture because of her heel being kicked up out of her shoe on the first one. I still like the first one better. We had a great night. MeKenzei scored a 1 for her solo and Zekaryah scored a 2. I thought they both did really well since they missed the early year practices due to Cross Country season, not to mention they are freshman.

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