Saturday, February 15, 2014

More Dogs and Fences

SO this is an example of where Men and Women can be very different. Across the side front yard is a fence the previous owners had put up, its just a wire fence and timbers. It seems that the timbers are rotting away which happens over time. My husband showed me where in two spots it was really bad and they basically were non existent. He mentioned we would have to fix them this weekend otherwise the whole fence might go down- with dogs this might not be the best thing.
So I have an idea of fix, and my husband has an idea of fix. I would have taken the old ones out and probably cemented them in to make it sturdy. He decided we just needed to take the post hole digger- put in a partial timber on the back side and bolt them together in a couple of places. 

I admit this way took about an hour- the way I was thinking probably a few hours, it doesn't look very pretty- its pretty RED NECK if you ask me, but I know for now it will do the job and it didn't really cost any money.


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