Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dogs and Fences

We have added two great danes to our family since Christmas, one was a stray that then got away. He had been abandoned and really abused by someone in his past. We truly thought he had died and he was lost to us. Our friends helped us by getting a new great dane, which the kids instantly fell in love with. A few days later that male great dane appeared again and it took a while but we were able to recapture him. Our intention was to help him get better and then relocate him to another family but he has stolen our hearts and it looks like he found his home. 
That means we have some fence work in our future. This week the lab that we have dug out under the fence line because it was just cow wire and boards. We were able to fix that area but it was about $30. We also added some wood to the inside in hopes that our catahoulla will stop JUMPING this high fence. Thankfully the great danes can't jump it for sure.
It looks like we really should do the rest of it but we have to save a little because we figured we need about $80 in boards. It will really give us some privacy though and I am going to love that!

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