Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quilt Tops in Progress

I finished this quilt top tonight. I felt bad for my daughter as she has been at a friends sitting their dogs all day. My job was to come home this morning and get this quilt top done, however my husband needed some assistance so I started later this evening. That meant I didn't get to finish till after 9 and it also meant she was eating Mc Donalds and very late. Hopefully tomorrow goes better as I have one more to do and we have a truck to try and fix since it looks like the oil leak in the other truck is getting much worse. It seems like a constant battle to keep two vehicles up and running. Since we really can't afford a new vehicle or even a new used vehicle we need to get this sorted pretty quick.
This is one I finished on Thursday, with Mekenzei's appointments for Xrays then the Dr to review Xrays, dog sitting and the work in the yard today I have yet to be able to quilt it. This is an order for three quilts from a husbands clothing for their children- I had made this same customer three other quilts with his clothing a few months back. So I will likely work on the third quilt top tomorrow and then get them all quilted between now and thur of next week since I am off to California for my grandmothers funeral on Friday.

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