Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday Zekaryah

Happy Birthday 16th Zekaryah
16 Fun Facts about Zekaryah
1. He was born early. I was out moving limbs due to a storm and I guess I pushed the limits. I came home thinking I was just in comfortable and learned that I was in labor. By the time we got to the hospital I was 9 inches dilated and was delayed due to an epidural which I should have never received. Hes been "running" ever since.
2. He was the late on everything- last to walk, talk, never really crawled and to this day is the last out of bed, last to do homework, last one to let you down if your his friend.
3. He Loves Water- he lived in the bathtub, he always tries to swim in Uncle Davids pool at St. Patricks Day, he can be creative with water too like making a Huckleberry Finn Raft one time on vacation.
4. He is my relaxed child. He loves to spend time by himself building forts in our back yard. There are remnants of them everywhere.
5.  It is hard to get a serious photo with him, he has been a HAM forever. I often get upset that I don't get that "good" photo" yet I find those are the ones I always seem to pull up. I am glad I don't delete them.
6. RED DYE is a big no no, esp if we combine that with video games. One year our friends Matt and Stef found that out the hard way..
7. His siblings always complain that he is annoying but they secretly do love him. I capture those moments all the time.
8. He was always into EVERYTHING. Hence photo above in the bottom of my filing cabinet. This past year he tried to fix an electric heater with a can of air cleaner that you use for a computer. It was a terrible mistake. Luckily it just removed his ability to breath for a short time, it cinched some hair and scared the living daylights out of all of us. I know this will not be the last time..
9. He loves to sing. Sometimes this is not a blessing but most of the time I am in awe just to listen. I was very proud last year when he and his sister sang a duet together. I am thankful to the choir teacher that believed in him that he could perform on stage and gave him that opportunity.
10. He loves to Run and is very good at it. I am not sure what High school will hold for Zekaryah with running, up until this years track season he truly loved to run, however lately it seems like the coach pressure may be a little much. I am praying God works that out.
11. Zekaryah loves HUGS. I cannot even express to you how many hugs Zekaryah wants in a day. I see him hug all his friends constantly, i know sometimes they get annoyed by this.
12. He loves God. He does such a good job at showing us constantly that the Lord is first in his life. He prays before meets even if others don't. He prays with friends before he eats. He also is not afraid to talk to others about God.
13. He has an amazing hand with vines. He makes the most beautiful wreaths! He loves to give them as gifts.
14. He is my least picky food wise. He doesn't always mind trying new things. He is the easiest to cook for.
15. He loves with his whole heart, which is huge!
16. He is super sensitive about not learning like other students. This makes him super compassionate towards children with limitations of any kind. He works so hard to achieve A's and B's where possible and I know that patience in his own life transcends into the lives of others.

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