Thursday, January 30, 2014

Work and Travel

The Lord has brought a lot to our plates as of late. Its been very challenging to have Paul gone frequently. I am thankful that we are trying to grab the smallest moments together lately. I am not sure what the Lord is trying to teach us yet but I know he has a plan for us.  It reminds me a lot of the days when our children were very little and he was gone often in the early stages with Compaq. It really makes me miss my mom so much. She was a great source of comfort during his absences. She was someone I could talk to when I got lonely or discouraged. I know it seems crazy that I have lived here 19 years and don't truly have anyone that I have that kind of relationship with. I am not sure why. I tend to make friends that are connected to things that I am involved in, not really friends that I do outside events with. I don't go out  or get away. I pretty much surround my life with the activities of the kids and my husband. I am learning how much impact that decision might be in four years time.
This past weekend Paul got to come home Thur night only to fly back out Monday. I was very thankful for the time but I admit my biploar is much more affected this time around. The first few nights are always more difficult, so since he came back and is gone two more weeks again, there is that readjustment time.
I know the weather is part of the issue too, this constant back and forth between cold and somewhat warm is a little crazy, combined with cloudy days and low sunlight. I found myself really struggling today to work on an order. I am hoping that this too will pass and we will be back to our normal lives soon enough. I am super thankful that he is so successful at his job, that they need him and are very appreciative of his time. I am also thankful when layoffs are happening all over our country this little bit of knowledge secures his job. I take comfort in knowing that his traveling will be minor compared to so many soldiers and other  father's/mother's that travel much more frequently and sometimes for many more months/years than my husband.

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