Thursday, January 30, 2014

Academic Decathlon

This past weekend the High School held an Academic Decathlon. It typically takes place over the course of 2 days. With our crazy weather here in Texas we had to cancel school on Friday and we thought the competition would also be canceled. With the help of so many volunteers the competition was held in its entirety on Saturday. It made it a very long day for the students. I was so proud of Jakob. He has come a long way in his competition skills. He is so much more confident than he was a few years back and that was apparent in this years interview, where he nearly scored a perfect 10. He got 3rd place in Economics and was the top scorer overall for our school.
Our high school took 3rd place overall, they can go to state and oversee the competition there. Jakob will likely opt to compete at the Skills USA competition that same weekend. Last year he competed in Technical Math and did very well. I am praying he has even more success this year.

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