Thursday, January 30, 2014

Changes for our Girly

Mekenzei has been enjoying High School. I think that she wanted something new. All Christmas Break she asked about cutting her bangs. She had been asking for several months and since she was still wanting it I agreed. It takes a long time for us to grow our hair, unlike most people, so it is a huge deal when you want to cut large lengths off. 
I really love it, she didn't go super short but enough that it added some texture to her hair. It gave her more of the teen look that i think she was looking for too. She definitely has her own style and I am so thankful for that.
Another change this month is the orthodontist deciding to remove her braces. She was super excited. The first thing she said is she could not wait to eat an APPLE. I had to laugh- not candy, gum etc but an apple. Its amazing that we take some simple things like biting into a whole apple for granted. Now if they will just call us for her retainer I would be a happy camper. Their machine broke the day they were supposed to make hers and the new one hasn't come in yet. Its been a week so that makes me a nervous mama about those teeth moving. She sure does have a beautiful smile!

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