Thursday, January 30, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

Its funny sometimes I wonder if we live under a cloud of complicated situations. Today I found out that the kids needed $100 between the younger two by tomorrow morning, Its amazing how quickly the trips, extra curricular's etc add up. Their science field trip to the zoo is $25, I remember the days when the Houston Zoo was $5. So we ran to town to get money from the bank, went to Walmart to get what we needed for Zekaryah's birthday dinner.. Came home and I had forgotten to swing by Walgreen's. While I was gone MeKenzei discovered she didn't have her AP Human homework, which she completed a week ago-  I know she did it because I was super impressed she was so far ahead. She text messages me to COME HOME NOW..I came home to a girly crying beyond belief.
Meanwhile Zekaryah and Jakob try to remedy dinner which I obviously didn't have time to make.
I contact a friend to find that her daughter has her assignment in the gym locker which is luckily open because there was a soccer came at the school. We run, get the assignment and come back to make the template so she can start on it.
While I am gone the waffle maker blew the lock for some reason and didn't want to cook the waffles. After helping the boys get the one they put on  off so more could be made. We discovered you could hold it down and they kind of sort of cooked. I offered to buy pizza but waffles were HIGHLY important. I was not driving to Walmart for another one tonight. I am thankful the kids made due with dinner. 
We returned the homework back to school, while gone did I mention that the waffle iron decided it really didn't want to work anymore it blew the surge protector, so we will be replacing it for sure now. Maybe a good Valentines Day gift? I checked on girly after dinner, she is already so tired and asked for coffee. I don't drink coffee and Paul hasn't been home much in forever so I offered to run to Mc D's for a Frappe. While that didn't ease the blow of redoing 7 pages of AP Human Vocab, sentences and illustrations, it did show that I was supporting her in her all night endeavor to get credit for this assignment. What a difficult lesson to learn, that you really do have to keep binders instead of little plastic folders, that it is better to separate your homework even though your big brother doesn't. I  know she will get it done, its important to her and I bet she really pays attention to where she places things. Last time she remembers having her homework was for a quiz last Thursday. What an evening..I am most thankful that my son came up and said he had an amazing day. I am thankful since it sure was a stressful one.

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  1. Aww, I feel your pain! Grandma paid the $75 for our Junior's yearbook. I think that's insane for a yearbook! With my husband now a pastor, We are constantly running around like crazy people. They are both so happy to be back at school after having almost the entire month of January off due to the weather.


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