Saturday, December 21, 2013

Secret Santa

MeKenzei got her history teacher for her secret santa this year. Sometimes Secret Santas can be challenging but we were provided some great ideas. We would have never pulled it off without the help of one of Jakob's history teachers that I am friends with, for that I am grateful. For revel day we had this clever idea that MeKenzei would wear a life size version of her bears scarf as well as a Baylor sweatshirt to school. 
The bear turned out super cute. I wasn't able to do a ragged scarf like I hoped I didn't realize I would need small scissors to cut the fabric, but I ragged the edges. When MeKenzei showed up to school she had the other teacher help her sneak the item in, then when she showed up to class a few periods later the teacher didn't get it, she was asking if anyone knew who her secret santa was. MeKenzei had to laugh as well as another student because what we thought would be very obvious wasn't. Eventually she asked why they were laughing and finally got the message. 

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