Saturday, December 21, 2013


Jakob always outdoes himself. He had to read a regular book for English class, along with an all AP/Honors load and then read an outside book- he chose the Divine Comedy- not just one of the books he had to read all three. He was cutting it a little close for my comfort and was up till 3 am finishing this project but it turned out amazing. He had to choose so many representations off a rubric sheet and them lay them in layers on a specific sized poster board. I hope he gets a good grade on it, he worked really hard.
Mekenzei, Zekaryah and I took the other afternoon off to get pictures for her geometry project. Her and her dad had done some over the weekend but I think he must have been tired from Hometown Christmas because they didn't work out when she tried to do the math. I am a little more patient with all these projects so we just started all over.
You had to use a mirror and back up to the point that you could see your object in the mirror.
you had to measure the distance from the edge of the mirror on the outside to the object and then the edge of the mirror on the inside to yourself. Which required some help :-)
you also had to measure the height of your objects. This can prove to be challenging! Thank goodness measuring tapes have lots of height/length to them.
This is probably my favorite of all the photos. We still had so much other homework to do and she knew it would take a long time to creatively put this all onto paper and into a booklet. She was thankful to be done. I was thankful for the amazing weather. I now have some great photos too.
We did learn something with this project, that is, if the sign or object is on a slant, hill, ditch the math doesn't work out, esp with a mirror because then the object is skewed.
Usually I am great at taking pictures of all their work, esp when it takes hours to accomplish something. Sadly with all my orders I was too busy to get photos of this finished project, the science project and a couple of others that she finished up. I am thankful for this two week break from school. We all need some REST!

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