Saturday, December 21, 2013

Choir performance Merry Christmas

Thursday Dec 12th I was so blessed to have the choirs sing that night. I was a little down in spirts over not having much help with the setup of our Cookie Express and needed an evening to remember what Christmas was all about. We had the honor of having one of our vendors come out and enjoy the concert as well. I love how the Lord introduces new people into our lives. 
I am so proud of both the younger two for joining in so many areas of High School. They had a very successful Cross Country season, they both enjoy choir and student council and they love choir. 
One aspect that I love about choir is that there are always so many God oriented songs, there are challenging pieces and they have many opportunities for the students to get involved at the level that they are able to, whether it be that choir is the one thing they want to spend time in or whether it be something that they do because they love but that they are able to  participate in other areas as well- which is what my children do.
It was a beautiful night. I wish I had not had such a busy season. I was unable to volunteer much at all to help this year. However I found time to make some beautiful placemats which a friend of mine purchased when she bid on a basket and won.


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