Saturday, December 21, 2013

Something always gets left undone

So I discovered that I am not completely SUPERWOMAN! I would like to be but its just not possible. I went to the dr for bloodwork right before our christmas event because migraines were spiking as well as my seizures. I had been so good to not have many at all and so I was a little concerned. The bloodwork came back that my thyroid has finally leveled out after months of playing with dosages. I am thankful for that, however she still wanted to see me this week. Let me just say that shes not too happy with me, I kind of new that before I went in. She said I needed to eat better, sleep lots more and not work so darn hard. I can tell you I have had the busiest two months ever in my life and there is one way anyone in the world would know if they walked through my front doors- THE HOUSE! I will admit that when I told the dr the house was dirty so I wasn't working all that hard she wasn't very amused. LOL! Oh my goodness I am in shock and awe over how bad it truly is. I don't think laundry has been folded and put up in a few weeks, there is more that needs to still be washed. The kids haven't done very good at helping with dishes, the bathroom and other areas so it looks like a tornado came through. I think it will take all of Christmas break to clean it back up. What is worse is I have no energy to even start it today! In fact I am so exhausted and still dealing with these headaches that I am taking the kids to a movie just to get a way from it all and spend some much needed time with them. Isn't it funny when something is so out of control you just don't even know where to begin? That is about how I feel today. I am thankful that my husband is back in a couple of days from an unexpected trip to Ohio for work because I think it is going to take all 5 of us to fix the mess we have all let build up. On a positive note I am so excited that my business is thriving. I have 14 orders scheduled for the month of January. I will probably have to start some of them this coming week but to have orders so far ahead is the Lords grace in our lives. I rarely have even one order in January and now I have so many I need to actually keep a schedule! I think the most important thing as we wind up 2013 is to get organized as a family. Jakob graduates in 6 months and is then off to college. While I know he is ready I feel like I miss so many opportunities with him and the other two, time goes my much to quickly. I am thinking we are going to start 2014 with going out of town somehow even if for one night. We all need to reconnect after such a busy end to this year. Photobucket

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